Who Are We

Ai Design Collection is a company that provides expertise in Interior Design Consultancy, Carpentry Service & Construction Service.

The Team is led by Alan Ong, Creator of the Company. He is an all rounder who is equipped with comprehensive expertise including cost, modeling, benchmarking, budget definition, cost management, value management / engineering and procurement support.

Our Designers have years of experience and successful projects under their care. They shares the key concept of success by providing the best professional services to customers

AI Design Collection was formed in collaboration of 3 difference set of experience & skill sets. The company is focused on a one stop service to either B to B or B to C clients.

Our Vision

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction at all time.

Visionaire EC - Living

Our Mission

  • Design, Innovate, create & Collate designs
  • High quality Project Management to ensure high quality production
  • Provide effective customer service and efficient after sales support
  • Groom and nurture passionate and dedicate workforce
  • To cultivate Work life balance


Our affiliated Carpenter

Scantack was set up in Singapore in 1999. Started off with few carpenters with manufactory movable furniture and built-in cabinet. Through these years of business to business concept, it has evolved to direct business to consumer business.

Our Workshop is located at 7 Mandai Link, BLK B, Mandai Connection #08-39

Our affiliated BCA Licensed Builder

Mohseng Construction was set up in Singapore in 2006. The company has a General Builder Class 2. It had completed numerous construction projects in Singapore.